The more education you have, the more you can expect to earn. Get your degree and get ahead. It’s never been easier or more affordable. We can help you find the best schools and programs that fit your schedule and budget. Get your degree today!

Whether it’s online or on campus, we want to match you with your ideal school - FREE. Stand head and shoulders above the rest with a degree from an accredited university. Get noticed by recruiters and get hired fast or get that well-deserved raise.

1. Go for the goal. You want an online degree to be able to do what? Do you require a specific degree or professional certification?

2. Learn the way you learn best. Do you do better with an instructor to guide you or prefer to go it alone at your own pace?

3. Timing is everything. How much time will you be able to give your online studies? What's of day (or night) work best for you? And how long does the program last? Can you meet the commitment?
4. Can your system take taking it? Make sure your computer can handle the technical requirements and if you plan to take the course at work, make sure it can work with your company’s firewall.

5. Money money money. Your company may offer tuition reimbursement, But if you yourself have to come up with the cash, how much can you afford or get a loan for?

Understanding that the current recession has taken a dramatic effect on the financial security of many Americans, President Barack Obama recently encouraged citizens to get their college degrees, and even committed billions of dollars to helping Americans achieve that goal. With a variety of new programs being offered to help Americans gain access to higher education and with many new opportunities for financial aid, getting your college degree has become easier than ever. And if you’re like the millions of Americans who don’t have time in their busy schedule to devote 8-10 hours a day to sitting in a classroom, then an online degree could be just the answer you’re looking for.

Most Americans don’t realize that with today’s technology, securing a degree has never been easier. Online colleges offer a variety of schedules, able to fit into any lifestyle, and financial aid is available to practically every applicant. Getting a degree in the field of your choice is literally an application away. And with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree employers will be fighting over you, instead of you having to fight for your position.

But is an online degree program right for you? The experts at Your Education Search suggest you ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Would getting a college degree further your career or increase your salary?
  • Do you have daily commitments like a job or family responsibilities that prevent you from attending a physical institution?
  • Do you have access to an internet connection through a home computer or a computer at a public facility like a library or Community center?
  • Do you have the desire to better yourself and your financial stability?
  • Can you commit 2-4 hours a week, any time of day or night, to obtaining your degree?

If you can answer “yes” to any three of these questions, then an online college degree program might be just the solution you’re looking for.

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Grand Canyon University Online - GCU
“The on-line experience provided an exceptional avenue to learn a large amount of information in the most comprehensive and efficient way. I found myself becoming excited about utilizing all I learned within my classroom. I actually miss working on my masters since graduating.”

American InterContinental University Online
Excellent Excellent faculty and respectable degree. It is a great school with dynamic programs. Regionally accredited through the U S Department of Education by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.